PrecisionMD Cosmetic Surgery Center is proud to offer Tumescent Liposuction to patients in the greater Sacramento area. Tumescent lipo is special because it eliminates the need for intravenous sedatives, narcotic analgesics, or general anesthesia. Instead, a solution of local anesthesia is injected directly into the fat. The vasoconstriction and numbing is so profound that there is minimal bleeding and no need for traditional anesthesia.

What is the tumescent lipo technique? 

The tumescent technique involves the injection of large volumes of diluted lidocaine (anesthetic) and epinephrine (shrinks capillaries) into subcutaneous fat. This makes the area designated for liposuction swollen and firm and produces a long-lasting numbing effect that eliminates the need for general anesthesia.

The Benefits

  • Local anesthesia is so effective that there is no need for traditional sedatives
  • Tiny incisions! Forget scarring!
  • Minimal surgical blood loss – 1 to 2 teaspoons
  • Very minimal bruising. Because there is such a small amount of blood loss, there is no blood left behind to cause bruising

How much blood is lost during Tumescent liposuction? 

Blood loss is very minimal – 1 to 2 teaspoons. To put this into perspective, it is about the same amount of blood that is taken at the doctors.

Does this type of liposuction really decrease bruising? 

This is one of the reasons why tumescent liposuction in Sacramento is so fantastic. When compared to other liposuction techniques that require general anesthesia, there is significantly less bruising. There are two reasons for this. First, because there is such a small amount of blood loss, there is very little blood left beneath the skin.  The second reason is that there is post-operative drainage of both blood and anesthetic.

*individual results may vary

tumescent liposuction

*individual results may vary