What is a Fat Transfer?

A fat transfer, which is also sometimes called a fat grafting procedure, simply takes fat from someplace on your body where you’ve got enough to spare (or more than you want!) such as the outer thighs, and moves it. Usually that fat gets moved to a place that needs some of that volume you have lost to age—or to a place that has always been suffering from a volume deficit—usually the breasts, buttocks, face, or hands. This procedure is long-lasting, safe, and well-tolerated. Just as important to patients is the fact that the results from fat transfer are natural-looking yet impressive.

Fat Transfers to the Face

For patients who have thinning dermis or a drooping face, transferring fat from the stomach to the face can restore significant volume. Fat is taken from the stomach and injected to the cheeks, nasolabial folds, jawline and lower eye area. This lifts the face and produces a more youthful looking appearance.

Who should get a fat transfer to the face? As you age, the dermis beneath your skin begins to thin out, leaving the face looking thin, saggy and unhealthy. When you transfer fat to your face, you are filling the area beneath your dermis. This instantly produces an appearance that is many years younger.

Do the injections last? Absolutely. While some of the fat is lost immediately after the procedure, your doctor will inject more than is required with this fact in mind. Once you fully recover and swelling is reduced, your face will be full and beautiful.

In fact, for many patients, this is a better technique for the face than Juvederm. Fat transfers can be used to in larger volumes to fill larger defects in the face. These transfers are also completely natural and contain small amounts of regenerating stem cells.

Fat Transfers to the Hand

Just like the face, aging hands thin over time. And just like facial transfers, fat transfers to the hands use fat from the donor area – most often from the thighs or buttocks. The fat is then cleaned and processed and injected back into the body.

Other Reasons to Choose a Fat Transfer

•Because you are using fat from your own body, allergic reactions are very uncommon.
•Results are long lasting – up to several years
•Results are very natural looking
•Because an excess of fat is usually harvested, you can also choose to fill facial wrinkles

Fat Transfer at PrecisionMD

Contact Dr. Khattab at PrecisionMD to learn more about what fat transfer procedures can do for you and your appearance. This is a completely customized procedure, making the most of each individual patient’s unique body shape and type. This means a face-to-face consultation is critical to getting the right information and choosing the best procedures. Arrange your consultation today to find out if you’re a candidate for fat transfer.

*individual results may vary

Fat Transfer to the Hands in Sacramento
Fat Transfer to the Hands in Sacramento
fat transfer to face sacramento, ca

*individual results may vary