What Is Melasma?

Melasma is a medical term for hyperpigmentation, or discoloration of the skin, and usually presents on the face. While there is no cure for melasma, by gaining knowledge about what triggers your melasma, you can take the right steps to manage this disorder.

What Causes Melasma?

The most common triggers of melasma are hormones, sun exposure, and inflammation from acne or skin disease. Once your doctor finds out what triggers your melasma, a treatment plan including a daily skin care regimen can be designed to effectively manage your melasma. Melasma is a condition that can be discouraging to live with. However, when you supplement medical light and chemical therapies with the right daily at home skin care regimen, you can effectively manage your melasma.

How Do You Treat Melasma?

When you follow your prescribed treatment plan and daily skin care regimen prescribed by your doctor, your melasma can be controlled and managed. There are many combinations of medical treatments and at home care you can use in your treatment plan.

At home you can use doctor-prescribed Hydroquinone, a topical depigmenting cream that will inhibit melanin production. Also, a topical tretinoic acid will boost your skin cell turnover to fade discoloration. At Elk Grove Medical Spa, you can receive medical grade chemical peels, photofacials (IPL), and lasers as well as Fraxel.

Medical Grade Chemical Peels

Chemical peels work to remove old skin, reduce discoloration, heal your existing skin, and promote new skin growth. Chemical peels can be specially formulated with a chemical solution to be gentle yet highly effective. Chemical peels contain important ingredients like salicylic acids, and these acids break down dead skin cells, bacteria, inflammation and swelling to rejuvenate your skin by peeling old damaged skin away. New skin is revealed as your dermis heals. You should see results within a few weeks.


Broad Band Light, or BBL, is a non-ablative procedure, meaning it will not injure the surface of your skin. This technology is designed to lift the brown and red melanin from your skin. Once the laser finds the “out of place” pigment, it will target it and lift it from your skin.

Halo Laser

Halo Laser is a hybrid laser that uses two different laser wavelengths (2940 Er:YAG and 1470 diode laser) to rejuvenate your skin. It works by sending focused energy to the deeper layers of your skin. The results are dramatic with minimal downtime. The tone and texture of your skin will be revealed after 7 days with the complete results appearing gradually after several months.

Dr. Mahmoud Khattab at Elk Grove Medical Spa will create the treatment plan best for you. There are several light and chemical based therapies for melasma, but UV protection is the essential ingredient for your therapy to work. The success of your melasma management will depend on your adherence to the treatment plan and daily regimen of UV protection.

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