Do you suffer from male pattern balding? Have you tried plugs, foams, oral medications and shampoos but with limited results? Would you like to try hair transplants but are not sure if you are a candidate?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in good company. By age thirty-five 67 percent of American men will experience hair loss. Hair transplants are now a very real option and many men just like you are making the life changing decision to have surgery to restore their hair.

A robotic revolution is occurring in the realm of hair restoration and is offering renewed hope for those who are looking to permanently restore lost hair. The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System offers a high-tech solution to a pervasive problem, providing automated hair follicle extraction. This surgery provides a superior and comfortable procedure to conventional methods, with little to no down time.

The ARTAS robotic hair transplant system is a revolutionary treatment that uses robotic precision to select and transplant the most viable follicular units for transplant to the bald portions of your head.

Simply put, it is the most advanced hair transplant system on earth. The robotic assistance affords doctors the ability to transplant hairs with incredible accuracy, that produces a natural, full head of hair.

How it Works

  • The ARTAS® Robotic System identifies your optimal hairs to use for transplant.
  • Hair is selectively harvested with robotic precision to preserve the natural look of your donor hair.
  • Your physician transplants hair into the balding areas.
  • You will see noticeable, permanent, thicker hair growth in about six months


Simply put: No other hair transplant system on earth produces more natural, lasting, and robust results. The ARTAS technology takes hair restoration to the next level.

• Intelligent Algorithms identifiy and select your optimal hairs for harvesting
• Physican-assisted robotic technology delivers robust grafts.
• Minimally invasive harvesting preserves the natural look of your donor area.
• Fast recovery so you can get back to work and exercise.

The Technology

Usually done manually, the traditional grafting process consists of the extraction of 1,000-2,000 follicles before relocation can commence. The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System has revolutionized how hair is grafted because robots are precise and surgery time is reduced by approximately 25 percent. The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System automatically locates and extracts the optimal donor hairs within the most desirable area using high def imaging and sophisticated computer algorithms.

The ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System is capable of extracting 1000 grafts per hour ready for re-implantation. The robot arm will line up to each hair follicle and will punch each one out by one millimeter precisely over the follicle. Not only is the robot accurate, it does not fatigue. A doctor, no matter how skilled, can not always match this precision, especially when they have to do this thousands of times.

The Procedure

During your ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant surgery you will be comfortable, relaxed, pain free and able to communicate. Once your hair is shaved, your scalp will be numbed with a local anesthetic. Your skin will then be gently stretched to prepare for the hair grafting procedure. Under the control of your hair transplant surgeon, the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System, including digital imaging technology, is launched. Every 20 milliseconds the ARTAS robot will recalculate hair position to achieve the best results from your donor area. Once the grafts are removed, your hair transplant surgeon will implant them by hand as it is not possible for the ARTAS robot to carry out this procedure on the crown. Under local anesthesia it takes about five to seven hours to perform the entire procedure.

There are nominal risks, as with any surgery, but compared to the traditional hair transplant method where you would have a painful incision line with sutures, you can now lie down on a pillow without discomfort. Within 10 days, any sign of surgery will fade, and the hair will start to fill in gradually.

By 18 months you will enjoy full hair growth. The results are permanent: the hair will grow, need to be trimmed, and it can be styled. Contrary to conventional hair transplant surgery the ARTAS robot does not produce a linear scar so you can wear your hair shorter at your donor site.

The Candidate

Factors such as how advanced your hair loss is, the cause of your hair loss, the amount and compatibility of your donor area hair, your budget, and how you like to wear and style your hair, will determine if the surgery is for you. It’s also important to remember, hair transplantation is not restricted to the scalp. Thinning, uneven or scarred eyebrows and facial hair can also benefit from ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant surgery.

While ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplants are not approved by the FDA for women yet, it has been used successfully off-label. The procedure costs approximately $8,000 to -$24,000. As hair transplants are elective treatments, insurance does not usually cover hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant surgery is now more accessible and affordable than ever with the advent of the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant System. You will enjoy natural, permanent results. You will be transformed, and discover a renewed self confidence. Remember, you are in good company: hair transplants are now a very real option and many men just like you are making the life changing decision to have surgery to restore their hair.

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*individual results may vary

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hair transplant sacramento
hair transplant sacramento

*individual results may vary