Capillus Laser Hair Cap

How Do Laser Caps Work?

Laser caps like the Capillus272 utilize a safe and non-invasive spectrum of laser light to nourish hair follicles and induce all-natural growth. Cool-to-the-touch, these devices are often called cold caps by hair loss professionals who utilize them as part of a hair restoration regimen.

The secret behind the effectiveness of hair growth lasers like Capillus is phototherapy. This light-induced biological process improves circulation and cellular respiration both inside the hair follicle, and throughout the surrounding skin. Phototherapy is known to improve the delivery of oxygenated blood and nutrients across the scalp, fueling the growth of thicker and fuller hair.

Laser caps are worn beneath a normal baseball cap or hat, providing full coverage and consistent exposure during use. This convenient and hands-free approach to laser hair therapy makes it easy to keep up with regular treatments at home, as prescribed by Dr. Khattab.

What Is the Capillus Laser Hair Cap?

Lightweight and battery-operated, the Capillus272 is a portable option that is ideal for use both at home and on-the-go. Backed by clinical trials, Capillus272 is known to increase hair volume by up to 51%in the first several months of treatment.

Most individuals do not have to cut their hair to use the Capillus272. Laser light typically shines around and through individual strands of hair, effectively reaching the scalp to nourish hair follicles. Capillus272 can be used in a variety of ways to reverse the signs of thinning, shedding, and balding.

At PrecisionMD Cosmetic Surgery Center, we recommend patients use the Capillus272:

  • As a stand-alone treatment for hair loss
  • In conjunction with prescription medications and topical foams
  • Following hair transplant surgery to improve overall outcome and nourish transplanted follicular units

How the Capillus Laser Cap differs from other hair loss treatments

Laser therapy is a non-surgical option with no known side-effects. The Capillus laser cap is one of the best hair loss treatments because it is so easy to use. It takes only 6 minutes out of your day, and those six minutes merely involve wearing a baseball-style cap. There’s no combing of the hair to do, and you need not apply any messy solutions or topical medications, although you can use it as you take other medications if you like.

Medication is the principal alternative to the Capillus laser hair growth cap. Finasteride, also called Propecia, is a medication you take orally. The FDA only approves it for use by men, primarily because it can cause birth defects. Finasteride can cause side-effects, including dizziness, swelling, sexual issues, and a decrease in (PSA) levels in the blood that can make it harder to detect prostate cancer. The sexual side effects from this medication can last even after you stop taking it.

Topical treatments such as Minoxidil or Rogaine also come with side-effects, including dizziness, unwanted facial hair, and scalp irritation. It’s also something messy that you need to apply twice a day to clean, dry hair, and it can stain fabrics.In contrast, Capillus hair loss laser carries no risks or side-effects.

What To Expect from the Capillus Laser Hair Cap

Each patient represents a unique case. Typically, Capillus272 is worn every other day for about 15 minutes. Patients must consult with Dr. Khattab to learn more about individual laser therapy regimens. Many patients notice visible results after just 2 to 4 months of using the Capillus272. However, each patient represents a unique case and results may vary.

The Capillus Laser Hair Cap in Sacramento

If you are tired of tolerating balding, shedding, or thinning hair, you have options. You don’t need to live with the shame, fear, and distress this problem causes millions of men and women all over the world. Take action on your own behalf, and get one step closer to a fuller, thicker, and more attractive head of hair with the Capillus laser cap. Contact us now for your free consultation.