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Laser Skin Tightening

Are you self-conscious about areas of saggy skin and wrinkling on your face and neck or other areas of your body? Unfortunately, fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of skin laxity are inescapable aspects of aging. Laser skin tightening may be an option for you to restore a tighter, more youthful appearance, as well as [...]

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Laser Hair Removal

What Is Laser Hair Removal? Both men and women may have areas of unwanted hair. Unfortunately, the majority of techniques at one’s disposal to relieve the condition are temporary. Today, laser hair removal is one of the most popular techniques and efficient means for eliminating unwanted body hair. Say goodbye to the age-old routines and hassles of plucking, shaving, tweezing, and waxing unwanted hair, and embrace the freedom that is laser hair treatment. […]

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How Is a Vampire Facelift® Different Than a Traditional Surgical Facelift?

Most of the signs of aging in the skin are driven by the loss of volume and support as we age, leading to a dull, lifeless complexion; fine lines and wrinkles; crow’s feet; droopy eyelids; jowls; and the dreaded “turkey neck.” In order to combat these signs of aging all at once, many people opt for a traditional facelift, which requires surgery and downtime for recovery. Now, science and skincare research has pioneered a nonsurgical technique that restores this loss of volume and support to rejuvenate the skin without the need for invasive plastic surgery—the Vampire Facelift®! […]

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What Is the P-Shot®?

What is the P-Shot®, or Priapus Shot®? The namesake of the P-Shot®, Priapus, is the Greek god of virility. The P-Shot ®is a natural alternative remedy for erectile dysfunction (ED, the inability to achieve and maintain an erection), which increases with age. Within the penis there are two paired cylinders (hollow tubes) that, when filled [...]

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Body Contouring

Body contouring refers to a non-surgical array of cosmetic procedures primarily aimed at improving the shape of the body. They work by reducing excess skin, while also eliminating pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. Body contouring is ideal for individuals who want to achieve a slimmer appearance without having to go through [...]

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Is MiraDry Right for Me?

Have you been embarrassed by a deluge of underarm sweat more than once? If hiding your profuse sweating is a regular occurrence for you, and things like stained clothing and frequent applications of deodorants and antiperspirants have become part of your day to day, miraDry may be the perfect answer. Here are some of the [...]

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Wrinkle Treatments at Precision MD

Have you been thinking about making this year a smoother, more youthful one for your skin? We've got all of the latest wrinkle treatments at Precision MD, so get ready to harness the latest technology and turn that goal into reality. Here are some of the best options on the market today—all available to our [...]

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Hair Transplants

Are you over your hair loss and ready to do something about it? If you're ready to get back to the more youthful look you had before, it's time to find out how why the ARTAS® robotic hair transplant is the perfect choice. Cutting edge technology – No other hair regrowth system uses this same [...]

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Lip Augmentation

If you've ever considered getting lip augmentation, you already know the primary benefit it offers: fuller, more luscious and youthful looking lips. But that's not where the benefits to this procedure end! Here's some more information about Restalyne Silk lip filler and what you can expect from a lip augmentation. What is Lip Augmentation? Lip [...]

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Prepare Your Look for 2018

As the holidays come to a close and we begin 2018, now is the time to prepare your look for the New Year. There is still time to make an appointment at Precision MD to make sure you start the New Year looking your absolute best! Here are some of the most popular procedures our [...]

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